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Theme #29 - Just Tonight

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Woo, another simple psd! This one is simpler than my first, it’s not dealing with any gifs (unless you want to add those in, then feel free to do so, this shit is for you to play around and use anyways). It’s just important to make sure you don’t change the order of which the photo layers are, in accordance to the gradients and texture, or else I found that it looked super funky. Anyways, HAVE FUN.

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Download These:

  • IM FELL x
  • card one x, card two x

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here you find ### small/medium gifs of CANDICE ACCOLA. No one of these gifs are mine so i'll give total credit to who create them. like or reblog if this help ya.


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Blogroll #1 Theme by electricthemes

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As promised (to idontlikeitpaintitred and several others) Round 2 of my most extensively used/favorite brushes!

My Brushes!

the first brush set can be found on my blog, under the tutorial link!

I Hope You Guys Enjoy! 

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Hi there, lovely! We are a brand new TVD/TW crossover roleplay, posting bios today and hoping to open soon! Could you please give us a shoutout? Thank you! <3


Character .psd number five by cocoofrps . This does not include a gradient just to make it look more raw and gorgeous in its own way. Holland Roden is queen and I hope you enjoy this. Please like/reblog if you do. Any questions, hit me up. And please don’t redistribute and/or steal. The fonts are Arial and Century Schoolbook, which are not needed to download. Download.

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I experimenting photoshop then this came out. This was inspired by Lorde’s Team. The font used were Ostrich Sans Rounded and Sail. Don’t repost , redistribute, delete or claim as yours. Likes/reblogs would be very much appreciated.

Download - {x}

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HOW-TO: Play a stoner character

I know there is probably quite a few of these but I thought I would just give my prospective on how to play the stoner. Hope you found this helpful babe.

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Hi! Would it be at all possible to get a little bit of a shoutout? I'm looking for co-admins to help out with one of the many plots I've written up. Hopefully there's something in there for anyone looking to start up a new roleplay, and I'd absolutely love an app.